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Ultra Mesh
UV Stabilised Ultra Premium Polyethylene Mesh – CSIRO TESTED

Ultra Mesh – Fire Retardant
UV Stabilised Fire Retardant Polyethylene – CSIRO Tested with a fire rating of 1 CSIRO Approved Fire Retardant Mesh (AS 1530.2-1993)

Aluminium – Fire Proof
UV Stabilised Ultra Premium Polyethylene Mesh – CSIRO TESTED with a fire rating of 0.

  • Keeps gutters COMPLETELY free of debris.
  • Extends the life of your gutters.
  • Prevents gutter overflow and internal flooding.
  • Improves rainwater collection and quality.
  • Reduces bush fire hazards.
  • Eliminates the dangerous task of cleaning and maintaining gutters.
  • Helps prevent the entry of pests and vermin.
  • Eliminates unsightly build up of debris on roof tops.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your roof.

Australians live in a land of extremes, from fire and droughts to flooding rains.
Unfortunately, the heavy rains that restore our water supplies can also cause expensive and extensive damage to homes through flooding resulting from leaking or blocked roof gutters.

The acids released from rotting leaves and debris are the major contributors to rust and holes in your guttering system. Once leafscreener is professionally installed by Complete Leaf Services, we GUARANTEE that your roof gutters will never require cleaning again, eliminating the need for this tedious and dangerous task.

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I would like to thank your team for the great job you did on our house, I was very impressed with the service and professional workers.

Joan Dunn

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